You are here, now, for a reason. Maybe you found the site after searching for how to start running. Maybe a friend recommended you. No matter how you got here, there is something that can help you set and achieve your goals and become someone who loves running!

You may be laughing or shaking your head right now. Not everyone can picture themselves enjoying running, but it is possible!

The innovative Walk to Run Program from Coach Debbie Voiles is making waves through the running world with its unique approach to training. With a firm belief that ‘pain’ shouldn’t be a part of ‘gain’ and that running can be fun for everyone, Coach Deb is transforming the way people view running.

It’s a simple concept. Over the years, Coach Deb has discovered why many beginner programs don’t work for true beginners, and they certainly don’t foster a lifelong love of running.

Coach Deb’s Walk to Run program combines easily achievable goals, encouragement, and strategically designed exercise programs that make running easy for everyone. Even if you’ve never run a day in your life, the Walk to Run Program can not only get you into your first races, but beyond that too!

Still not sure it’s right for you? Please feel free to settle in, take a look around and learn more about the program and Coach Deb. There’s a podcast here, articles and notes from Coach Deb, and testimonials from people who have gone through the program.

Once you’ve looked around, if you still have questions, Coach Deb would be happy to answer them.  Drop her an email and she’ll get back in touch personally to answer any questions or concerns you might have. And remember that while you’re exploring, you’ve already taken the first step to changing your life. It’s just one step at a time from there!